Nature Photography

Parc du Bout de l’Île, Montreal

Bout de l'Île Nearby River

Parc du Bout de l’Île, Montreal, August 2014

I haven’t planned to publish about this place as this park is very small and I only passed by to cover the most northern tip of Montreal Island on my bike tours exploring the area. But then I saw a huge beetle flying around exploring my bike and finally settling on a nearby tree. As I am collecting photos of wild life, this one had to go into my collection and need a place to be linked from.

As usual, I am no taxonomist and beetles, actually all insects look alike to me and my personal distinction only goes into two groups: It bites my daughter or it doesn’t bite my daughter. This one goes into the second group ;). A huge animal for a beetle. I then asked the community for its name and here it is:

Osmoderma scabra

Osmoderma scabra, family Scarab Beetles (Scarabaeidae)

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