Nature Photography

Cross Orbweaver (Araneus diadematus)

For taking a picture of this little fellow, I had to drive exactly 0 km by bike. Comfortably sitting at my desktop, I just had to open the window and point my camera. It has built a large net between the balcony table and chair in the hope that some prey may try to fly into my home. A biodegradable mosquito net, how convenient.

Two notes:

First, I am so surprised, I really thought that I was able to catch a photo of rare spider, which happens to turn up at my place just to provide me a convenient opportunity for a photo. It’s not a rare animal, actually it’s a very common spider. But looking at these close ups, a very beautiful common spider.

Secondly, I would have expected that the net of this spider should be more regular. It reminds me a bit at the nets built by spiders under caffeine influence, a research paper I have read a thousand years ago. Maybe, this fellow is a bit stressed, as I am, that the summer goes to an end, or maybe, like caffeine, the animal is exposed to some substances in the air from the city traffic which turns it into a lousy net-builder.

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