Nature Photography

Mont Saint Gregoire, Quebec

Mont Saint Gregoire, October 2014

The bike season is now over, so I have to switch back to the most ancient means of transportation, my legs and feet. Mont Saint Gregoire is perfect place for a walk as it is a bit more demanding than others.

Unfortunately, I had to learn that the access to this “mountain” is restricted and you need to pay medieval “Wegzoll”. Grown up in Switzerland, I don’t really understand the concept of private property of  forests and mountains and less of having to pay, if you want to get up there. Being questioned by a “Wegzoll” enforcers near the top of the mountain is not pleasant. Also, because we arrived there without crossing any pay and then continue signs.

Anyway. It has been my last visit there and therefore these pictures will be my last ones from Mont Saint Gregoire.

BTW: If you know the English word for the German “Wegzoll” meaning medieval taxes you had to pay for crossing shires, please let me know. Translate Google has been no help with this.


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