Biking Season 2014 is Over?

Definitively over

  • because year 2015 has already arrived ;)
  • because there is snow everywhere
  • because the temperature is below zero.

Montreal is a crazy place, I frequently see people biking even under these conditions through the city but nothing for me. I am a moderate temperature, sunshine biker.

2014 was all about exploring nearby parks with bike and camera, drawing a circle of not more than 50 km from home, discovering beautiful places such as Parc-nature de la Pointe-aux-Prairies or Bois de l’Île de Bizard and crossing the path of intriguing animals such as Northern Leopard Frog or White-Tailed Deer. I explored the possibilities of my camera, Canon Powershot SX50, up to its limits and I learned that as much I love running around outside to take the pictures, I do hate sitting indoors in front of my computer post-processing my photos. As photography is my hobby and nobody forces me (pays me) to do it, I extended my outdoor time and reduced post-processing to re-sizing the photos and applying a couple of auto-adjustments.

My Canon Powershot has a very small sensor and bottom line, I am quite unsatisfied with the results. Although, I do like the fact that I am able to take shots of animals, especially birds, which I haven’t been able before. I learned over summer 2014, that I like to take macro photos of animals. Unfortunately, handling focus with this camera on close objects often has turned into a nightmare and then finally ready, the animal was everywhere else than at the spot where I was able to focus on. For the season 2015, I will upscale my gear and add a Nikon D7100 with a macro objective. I am looking forward to see the results with this new gear from my excursions during 2015.

I hope you stay tuned in (subscribed) and I wish you

Happy New Year!


  1. There is nothing like biking in winter. I love this and this is really vivifying. But of course you have to be twice careful.

    I bought the PowerShot X50 at summer 2013 and return it for refund a week later. The zoom is interesting but the pictures quality is…

    I think you’ll enjoy it with this Nikon.

    A happy year to you!


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