Nature Photography

Parc Nature de la Pointe aux Prairies – Winter

Parc Nature de la Pointe aux Prairies, January 2015

A few weeks ago, I purchased snow rackets with the idea that if I want to become a real Canadian, I need a pair of those at home and should use it when ever I go out into the snow. It will be definitively the last time I carry them around. Already on Mont-Royal there where completely useless. I don’t see the need to walk with them on pathways and as well educated person, I don’t ignore the don’t leave the pathway signs just to turn the rackets into less useless. Anyway. I don’t throw them away. Maybe one day we get a meter of snow and I will have to go to the grocery store before they have been able to clean up the streets (not likely) or maybe, one day I will be able to explore a place where there are no pathways (more likely).

I went today to this park, my favorite around Montreal, in the hope to be able to watch birds, deer, and foxes. I wasn’t lucky at all. The only thing I saw, was a fresh track of a deer along the pathway. I followed it as long as possible but no deer showed up. I plan to return to this park in a few weeks as it is the only place which I can reach with public transportation in a reasonable time. I am sure that my next visit will be blessed with more sightings of animals.

If you would like to see pictures taken in this park during Summer:


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