New Challenges Ahead

Backyard Montreal

Montreal, Feburary 2015

Finally, proud owner of a Nikon D7100. I feel like having a bunch of obstacles in front of me but already getting an idea, still blurring though, that in front of me, there will be an exciting season of taking beautiful – and thanks to fancy technology of high quality – shots in parks around my home town. I used my old camera, Canon Powershot SX50, nearly 3 years and still there are buttons and settings which I haven’t really understood and never used.

The new camera has around double number of buttons with cryptic icons and three times as many setup settings. Fortunately, I am not scared of new challenges. Instead, I jump right into it with my favorite approach which is at first ignoring all these whistles and bells and simply activate the auto mode and start shooting. Over the years I may learn to handle this piece of sophisticated technology within this black box better and better.

Although, a bit more sunshine this weekend would have been great but I take what I get. Let’s see.

Backyard in Color

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