Nature Photography

House Finch Action – Courtship Behavior

Mont-Royal, February 2015

Obviously, this couple of house finches (Carpodacus mexicanus) is not kissing but displaying a common courtship behavior where the male feeds the female to favor her selection for him. Interesting to see how the male fluffed it’s feathers when the female is about to leave. Fluffed, the male looks like double size.

The male house finch flew down to the bird feeding platform, picked up a seed and went back to the female. Then, he allowed the female to pick from it’s mouth. I am not sure if she really was able to pick some pieces, though. Actual feeding is not always that important, being able, allowed to perform the ritual counts.

Now, happy having been able to shoot the sequence of this behavior is not the only reason, I am positing it. I have taken with me today the new Nikon D7100 and I am so, so happy about its performance. What a focus and shooting speed! What a change to my Canon Powershot SX 50 HS! I am so positive that there will come some more action photo sequences!

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