Introducing Ploring

Bohemian Waxwing

Why do I need another Website? In the past, I was way too fast in setting up new websites which then turned into abandoned places because of lack of time to maintain it. Later, I started to analyze the need of a new site very thoroughly and to plan such an undertaking very carefully. In a cleaning a few months ago, I deleted several sites and kept only a few which have been commercially significant like Discovery Mexico or which I personally had a lot of passion for like Nevertheless, over the last few months, I learned that alone may not fit all the plans I have with my wildlife photography activities.

For example the URL structure. blog posts always come with year and month in the URL but I consider that the date stamp is kind of irrelevant for my photos.  I also consider that the SEO impact of a site is limited. I am not so sure about the exact reasons but I assume that HTML code overhead and search engines holding back to push blog sites may play a role in this. Using a self-hosted WordPress blog may overcome some limitations and I tested this approach with the conclusion that a self-hosted wordpress size is a nightmare. I will not go more into details about this approach but if you would like to hear about it, please send me an email and I will be happy to comment about the downs of a self-hosted wordpress blog.

On the other side, I resisted the idea to migrate to a new platform because I don’t want to miss some important features provided by a blog, especially the connection with the community.

As a result, I started to plan a new website which I called “ploring”. First, I had to explore a couple of new technologies and I had to learn using them. Then it has taken a while to get done all the thinking, coding and debugging. But finally, a few weeks ago, I was able to launch the new site.

Under the line, “ploring” is actually not much more than a gallery web site, where a visitor can navigate the content either by animal taxonomy, by maps of photo shooting locations or by photostreams. There is some wording around the photos required but mainly it shows huge photos in single photo pages or galleries.

As this new web site is now running, I want to re-organize but before starting with deleting blog content, I would appreciate your comments about my approach.

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