Nature Photography

Bird Photo Studio

Black-capped Chickadee

Park Angrignon, April 2015

I recently watched a video on you tube from a photographer who shows how to setup a bird studio so you can take photos of birds from your chair at home.

I could setup a feeding platform on my balcony and turn my comfortable living room chair towards the window and take the snapshots of the birds right from my home. It is not only more comfortable, it also increases the chance to catch some birds, hard to see in a attractive position in wildlife.

It would have been very probable to take a shot of a Chickadee as shown above with the photo studio approach. But where would be the excitement I get when noticing a curious Chickadee just 3 feet away, pulling up the camera and take the shot? It definitively pays off the hassle of walking around a lake at rainy cold spring weather with a freezing wind from the North.


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