Getting Closer

Honey Bee (Apis)

I have originally started with photos of flowers for the Flower Power Project a few years ago. Finally, I am getting more pleased with output, slowly but steady. Lately, I figured out that I should also include some noise reduction during image processing :).

I have stopped using 4000x2667pixel size and will go with 8×10″ or 4000x3200pixels, even if this higher format will not fit on most laptops and tablets. For publishing in my web sites like or, I use Python to crop and resize the photos anyway so that I get optimal dimensions and file sizes for each device category.

At the moment this is my work flow to get to the final photo. Comments are welcome! :)

RAW format
Move files into folder with date and name
Backup to external drive (automatic sync)

Processing – with Lightroom
Review photos and discard low quality
Continue with best variants only
Crop and resize to 10×8
Add tags and geo location (readable with Python?)
Export as TIFF 16pixels/component

Processing – with Photoshop
Resize to 4000×3200 pixels
Adjust basic exposure, tones
Fix unpleasant details
Save as JPEG to Media folder

Finally – Noiseware or Photoshop
Noise Reduction

I am not yet sure, if I should buy Noiseware or stay with Photoshop noise reduction. I will test for a few days.

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