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One Step Closer – Broken Wing

Getting one step closer. I am insisting that my final workflow has to be on Ubuntu. I will explain in another occasion why this has to be. For now, after having worked out the Windows based work flow, I looked into which programs I could use with Ubuntu and found RawTherapee.

The application looks fantastic. I cannot only browse through the images very speedy, most of the adjustments can be done within the application.

One feature I love especially is the batch processing. You go through your RAW images, you delete the useless ones, you adjust whatever has to be adjusted. At the end, you start batch processing and your adjustments for all images are applied and the file exported  as JPEGs in the correct size, ready to be published.

I do now understand the comment by Meho Jarvis regarding the 8/16 pixel limitation of Gimp and I am sure that at some point it may matter to me too. But currently I am way to occupied to move all the fancy sliders in RawTherapee.

Here the Ubuntu work flow:

RAW format
Move files into folder with date and name
Backup to external drive (automatic sync)

Processing – RawTherapee
Review photos and discard low quality
Continue with best variants only
Crop to 4×5 and resize to 4000x3200pixels
Adjust everything exposure, lights and tones
Reduce noise and sharpen
Save as JPEG in media folder

Fixing details in Gimp (optional)
Add exif data like GEO and keywords, description using exiftool

What do I save? First, it looks to me that processing is faster. Secondly, I save the license for Lightroom/Photoshop and Noiseware as well as Windows ;)

Broken Wing - Butterfly on Flower



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