Proportions and Shapes – Image Processing


This beautiful individual was the largest around at the spot where I was looking for animals. In size as large as the clover flower (Trifolium pratense) it has been feeding on. I selected the photo where the flower has been entangled by three blue spots forming a near perfect triangle and enclosing the flower and the bumblebee.

But this post is not only about a Bumblebee standing out because of its proportion but also about time added by image processing. I learned that having done a nice shot out in the field, taking care of scene setup and light conditions, the time needed to process the photo is tremendously reduced.

With processing of images, especially starting with raw files, you can turn black to white, figuratively spoken, but you also can lose disproportional count of hours. As I prefer to spend these hours in the field and not at the computer, I will turn back and instead of getting a few shots and having to work with a average quality file, I will take hundreds and work with the best pick after a short screening through setup and histograms.



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