Nature Photography

Interlude – Walking Out of The Frame

Harvestmen (Opiliones) – Daddy Long-Legs or Granddaddy Long-Legs.

Walking out of the frame but not fast enough ;) Look at the large jaws and the little, tiny eyes! Remembers me a movie I saw years ago, black and white, where a man has been exposed to a nuclear cloud and then during the movie shrinks and shrinks. At some point he must have been fighting against these kind of “Monsters”.

I just learned that these spider-kind looking animals in fact are not real spiders. They are closer related to scorpions. Anyway. I drop this post without any doubt into the “Spider” category. I may later rename that category to spiders and scorpions.

I named this post Interlude because I went on search of blue flowers to complete my primary paint color collection Yellow-Red-Blue. But my favorite spot of wilderness has been cut down and I will have to find a new spot. So no blue colored flours for now.

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