Nature Photography

Feeding – Or Waiting to Feed

“Backyard Action” was another name I had in mind for this post. Cloudy and rain from time to time, but the spot for macro photos, which I discovered recently, is very close, so I went there to see if some wildlife shows up. It’s funny I was not actually looking for insects this time, but I wanted to test my method to take pictures of flowers for taxonomy. We counted around 10 different flowers and while taking the pictures I got distracted all the time. Now, the fellows, which I publish here are either taking a lunch or waiting for a lunch passing by, thus the name of the post.

I also changed the setup. First, usually taking macros on lowest aperture possible of my 18-140mm zoom objective, I switched to use a larger aperture, around f16 in the hope to have a better chance to get sharp pictures. I also used flash, in some cases. Unfortunately, the only flash available was the one mounted on the camera and nothing available to diffuse the light. Anyway, I noted that the details are much clearer and I can enlarge the subject more with the consequence that more details of the insect can be seen.

Now, the new micro objective 100mm from Nikon is around the corner and when I have it available, I may arrive where I wanted to be regarding macro photos.

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