Nature Photography

Encounter with Female Northern Cardinal

First time ever, I was able to watch a female Northern Cardinal.

I was standing at a spot along the path near the cross on Mont Royal for more than 2 hours before she appeared. First, I was watching a male Northern Cardinal and taken some photos. Wondering what else may show up at this snowy Saturday, I decided to wait longer. My patience has  paid out.

Unfortunately, on some photos, taken with my Tamron 150-600mm, I see a strange “aberration”. It may be due to the light at this non-optimal day, my lack of experience in taking photos or my lack of experience in processing photos (to be precise, my lack of patience to process photos for hours). You can see what I am talking on the photo below, around the bird with the darker tree on the back.

Northern Cardinal Male

By the way, I found out that I would rather prefer to do these kind of sessions on a week day than weekend. The strange look of all these passing walkers, first looking at me and then at what I am staring at, which most of the time is nothing more than a tree, and then looking back at me with a strange smile or even laugh. I shouldn’t care but I still do.

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