Nature Photography

Searching for Birds … Park Angrignon

It has been an endeavor without success.

In fact, the only bird I saw was a little fellow, high up in the trees too far away to be identified not to mention being photographed. I watched a lot of squirrels, digging through the snow on the ground, looking for food I assume.

The lake in Park Angrignon is frozen now, and visitors cross the lake walking or on Nordic skis. I was wondering how they know that the ice is now thick enough and the lake is safe to be crossed by foot. Although, I am not so much wondering about all the followers who can watch someone else walking on the ice in front of them. Back home, you have every year official government statements announcing that lake “xyz” is now safe to be crossed by foot. I have my doubts that this is true for the small pond of Park Angrignon.

So there must have been a first person who, based on experience assumed that it is safe and stepped on in order to find out by trial and error if the ice is really thick enough. Others may have been watching this guy, or his tracks, and followed.

I didn’t stepped on the ice. Why should I? The birds haven’t been in the forest nor along the lake so why should they be found on the lake? Then, stepping on the ice with skis or rackets may be safe but with boots? and is it safe at every corner of the lake?

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