A Brief Outlook 2016

Keeping in mind that the initial motivation to get into photography was the idea to build a mobile app to classify wild flowers, my plans for this year should bring me a few steps closer to it.

By end of the year, I will be able to publish a prototype of the web flower classification service. To achieve this goal, I will start to take macro plant shots more intensively as I need a core collection of flower photos. The idea is to cover a 90% of the flowers in the areas where the service should be offered. Due to limited time available, I have to concentrate on a small number of areas and I decided that these would be Champ des Possibles because it’s very close and Park Pointe aux Prairies because of its relatively untouched, divers ecosystem.

I plan one visit each month to each of these places from April till November. Besides flowers, I also want to collect photos of butterflies and birds in the hope that in near future, I may offer also a classification service for these species families.

I learned that hunting for photos of new species is interesting but being able to observe animal behavior and being able to take photos while displaying some behavioral patterns is even more interesting:
Courtship Behavior:
I expect that by the end of the year, I will not only be able to add some more species to the collection but also to add photos and maybe videos showing species specific behaviors.

Finally,  as I will spend a lot of time outdoors, I plan to approach video production a bit more seriously. I will start to collect video feeds in order to have a own stock available. Expect to see some more additions later this year in my YouTube channel.

Featured Image:
Swamp inside Park Ile Bizard, Montreal

Swamp inside Park Ile Bizard


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