Nature Photography

Invisibility – Photos with Hidden Meta Messages

Honestly? The main purpose of this post is to create an opportunity to publish the photo with the Eastern Screech Owl, which had an interesting impact on Google+. Although, I take advantage and share my thoughts about levels of messages within a photo and I added an invitation to share your ideas about this subject.

Invisible, thanks to supreme camouflage.
Invisible, thanks to supreme camouflage.

I started to notice that photos of animals may carry different levels of messages, even if not treated as digital piece of art but with a more strict, conservative approach in processing the file. There are obvious levels but also a better hidden, metaphysical level.

First, a photo may simply present how a species looks like, taken with the purpose to collect as many species as possible. A few examples:

At a second level, a photo may show an animal in action displaying some sort of activity with a biological purpose like feeding, courtship behavior, hiding, fleeing or defending territory. I find these photos much  more interesting although way more difficult to capture. A few examples:

Among the photos, which I have taken recently, I started to notice a few which contain a message of an additional level. The message may be very subjective, projected into the photo by the viewer itself or more obvious. I call this level meta level. Examples are “Taking risks”, a more obvious messages in the photo of the Squirrel reaching for the buds or a less obvious, maybe more subjective idea of “Invisibility” in the feature photo of this post:

Photos with meta messages are the ones I love most and I am eager to capture more of them. I am pretty sure that I am not the first one to discover this characteristic of nature photography and I would love some comments about your experience in shooting photos with meta messages.

This also my last post of Winter 2015/2016. Looking forward for spring to arrive!


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