Nature Photography Stories

Snail Shell on Tree Trunk

Imperfection: From time to time, I stumble over a setting, a simple composition contrasting the complexity in what it is, represents or resolves. For me a simple solution for a complex problem is perfection and I enjoy deeply when I am lucky to notice one. Nevertheless, real world is not perfect! Mostly ;) I was tempted to remove digitally the dirt from the shell but I resisted.

Snail Shell on a Tree Trunk

Perception: On this macro shot, you can see the fine lines on the shell built by the annual growth. With a bit imagination, you can perceive the tree below as a gigantic snail and imagine another one, a micro, glued on top, creating a repeated fractal pattern. Similar to what you see when you look in a mirror having another mirror on your back or zoom in into Mandelbrot set graphic . Perception is my most important topic which followed me for many years and which will continue to do so for many years coming. My interest in perception and recognition was the reason why I studied neuroscience, why I dis-rooted myself by migrating to Mexico and why I am obsessed with photography.

At the end, the snail is the perfect symbol for my current efforts and progress in photography. Slow, slow, slow, way too slow!



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