Why Am I Doing This? My Blog?

Before revealing my thoughts on this subject, it’s very important to clarify that blogging and photography isn’t my profession and I don’t have to earn money doing it.

So, why am I publishing all these photos? Vanity? to share? or to learn and improve?

I am publishing my photographs in my blog, on Google+, Google Maps, Flickr, Facebook, and other places. Maybe the purpose of publishing, sharing my photos is to enrich the daily life of others, but I think that the main reason may be way less sublime and more egoistic.

I frequently catch myself consulting stats of impressions, likes and comments on my contributions on different platforms.

My top three photos on Google Maps, with the highest number of impressions:

Obviously, having nice impression counts with photos on Google Maps doesn’t really have to do with the quality of a photo.

Big numbers on impressions may not be very significant and different platforms are not comparable.  Like in marketing, impressions is one measurement [actually a very useless one], even if enhanced by counting only above the fold impressions, numbers of time a certain action is triggered another one. Such actions may be liked, +1ed or favored.

My top photo on Google+ with the highest number of triggered action.


Looking at numbers of likes or similar actions implies something more than simply been seen or maybe seen. It may tell me how good a photo actually is or how it was able to transport a message or sort of a message to the viewer which in turn could be a feedback on the quest to get better photos out there. Unfortunately, these numbers are not really comparable among different photos as I can manipulate them too easily, consciously or unconsciously. Post a photo on your Facebook page on Saturday evening and another similar one on Sunday evening about the same hour and you will see.

Occasionally, published photos receive comments which may be in some cases like a strong like in others a real feedback about the message within a photo and in very rare cases may even give ideas about why a photo is good.

Returning to the original idea of this post. I cannot deny that for me vanity is a very strong motivation to publish photos on different platforms, but learning from likes and comments about how I can improve is the actual valuable outcome . I am a very ambitious person. I always look for challenges out there, to learn, to improve myself.

Getting to the grain now: The platforms where I can expect constructive comments are either here on my WordPress blog [https://muuuh.com/] or on my flickr account [https://www.flickr.com/photos/khmuller/]. I rather prefer the blog as it is on my own platform [I own the domain name] and I don’t have to be aware that all my work can vanish by Flickr changing policy or being sold. Facebook, Google+, Twitter are more about feeding my vanity which I don’t really care and I would have stopped that by now if there is not the other outcome which is driving visits to my blog site.

PS: If you are a photographer and about to start driving traffic to your blog or web site from social media, approach them with the following priority 1. Google +, nothing more. You can ignore the others unless you already have a very strong community [e.g. Facebook, Twitter, Flickr].



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