Nature Photography

Hunting Ground of Birds – Rapids Park Lachine

The life of a fish is in danger within the water, from the surface and even from the sky. I have taken the time to spend a whole day in Rapids Park Lachine, a small but important bird sanctuary located along the St. Lawrence River on Montreal Island, in order to watch birds hunting fishes.

I was not only lucky to capture two new species I haven’t been able to take photos so far which are Osprey and Belted Kingfisher, but also to observe on two occasions how Double-Crested Cormorants turn fishes in its mouth until they can swallow them.

The photo shown looks like the fish is jumping directly into the mouth of the bird which is not the reality. It takes a while until the bird is able to get the fish so it can be swallowed as hole with head ahead. I will publish on another occasion a sequence of photos taken of this procedure. Note that the fish on the photo is almost three times long as the beak of the bird!

I also learned a bit more about nature photography that day. I am still struggling with sharpness of photos of birds in action. I was using 1/1000 s shutter speed as recommended on a You Tube Video I watched recently but I should have gone a tick faster. It’s okay for regular movements but abrupt turns get blurry.

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