Flashback – Sassauna

Looking through the recent posts, you may be aware that that I was on a short trip to Switzerland in August. However, I skipped to mention the most important event on my vacations which was ascending Sassauna [climbing would be exaggerating ]. Sassauna is a lower mountain [2308m], located near my hometown Schiers, Grisons.

When I was living in Schiers, I used to run up to the top of Sassauna for fun. Starting from my home’s doorsteps, the 1600m altitude difference took me a few hours to get up and down again. This time, I was cheating and I took the funicular up to Eggli, 1700m, able to shorten the remaining climb to 600m altitude difference. Nevertheless, it still took me about 2.5 hours to get up and another 1.5hours to get back.

The result of being 30 years older, having been smoking for almost 25 years and worked at computers full time for 20 years. But, I did it! and I have been rewarded with spectacular views on the up and on the top. Let’s do it again in two years ;)

“Flashback: A scene in a movie, novel, etc., set in a time earlier than the main story.” [ref: Google Search for “define flashback”]

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