A Year Ago

A Year Ago: The Blood Moon

I noticed that whenever I buy a new lense, about the first thing I aim it to is to the moon and in this particular case it was the Nikon 70-300mm used to document the rarely occurring event of a moon eclipse observed here in Montreal in September 2015.

Blood Moon Eclipse September 2015

Blood Moon, September 2015, Montreal

I have taken the shot during a 30 minutes session using different manual settings of apertures and shutter speed [long exposures]. For this purpose, I mounted the camera on a low-weight tripod. Later, I turned to my computer to look at the shots that’s when I noticed that about 99% of them were blurry. The above sample was the least blurry shot.

Taking this photo I learned two essential lectures about photography:

First, preparation is everything! Think about best setup upfront and don’t trust in your abilities to run through different possible settings when the event occurs. Because, after I noticed that most of the shots have been blurry I turned back to take some more photos but in meantime some clouds have been moving in, hiding the moon.

Second, if you need a tripod to keep your camera steady use a heavy tripod! Otherwise, opening and closing the mirror for exposure will lead to vibration. Even if it means that you are carrying around more weight. But why carrying around less weight if your tripod is useless?

I just purchased a more expensive, heavier tripod and I am looking forward to test it.

[A Year Ago: A column, where I re-visit a shot taken the same month a year ago and which turned out to be the most popular photo on my flickr account.]

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