Nature Photography

One-On-One: Looking into Your Eyes

An excellent autumn day allowed me to take a few close up shots from different birds at Park Rapids Lachine focusing on eyes. For all three of them, I used the 150-600mm Tamron. The Great Blue Heron was very close. Merganser and Gull less close, maybe more than 10 meters but still less than 25 meters.

Having available a large tele-zoom like the Tamron 150-600mm creates the illusion that you don’t have to get close to the subject for interesting shots. It’s an illusion. Looking through my recent shots, the ones which I like have in common that the subject was close, very close. Although, I shouldn’t publish photos I don’t really like, but to demonstrate my point, I make an exception :

I consider that for small birds like Common Tern or Kingfisher, I should be close, not more than 10 meters away and for photos of larger animals like Great Blue Heron up to 25 meters. Thus, I am facing a new challenge. How to get so close? Definitively, I don’t want to disturb them with my presence or attract them with food.

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