Nature Photography

Video Rapids Park Lachine, October 2016

Over the last few months, Rapids Park Lachine turned out to be my favorite spot. Mostly, because there is almost a guarantee to encounter birds and the setup of the park provides optimal position of the sun, shining all day long from the back. However, not on every visit I have the opportunity to spot and take photo of species which I haven’t yet documented. Fortunately, this time was different.

Added to my gallery of birds around Montreal, I am now at 43 different bird species:

When I go outdoors on a photo session, I always have in mind a specific goal. This time, I wanted to find out if photos taken with tripod will be more crispy, sharper vs handheld. It turned out not to be true at 1/2500s shutter speed. Further, I wanted to learn video recording with my Nikon D7100. Unfortunately, I was not able to record interesting animal behavior but I took some short clips.

Creating a video adds significant more time to the hours spent at the computer. The relation of hours outdoors vs post-processing/post-production with photos is about 1:1 [6 hours outdoors shooten > 6 hours post-production] whereas with video it’s about 1:2 up to 1:3 [ and not including the production of own music].

However, I am convinced that with some more practice, I will get closer to my ultimate goal not to spend more time at the computer than outdoors.


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