Nature Photography

Golden – Last Day Before Snowfall

When visiting Park Angrignon this weekend, I wasn’t aware that it will soon snow and that the setting will change dramatically. These shots will be the last colorful photography of this year, unless some miracle may happen and I win a trip to the South. Miracle, because I don’t play lottery. I may should specify, I am not into lottery where I pay money for a tiny chance to win. However, I have the impression that nature photography is also a sort of lottery in which I do participate whenever I can.

As usual, arriving at the park too late, 2pm and therefore just one hour left before it starts to get too dark.

I was struggling to get something out of my shot of the female Hooded Merganser. It was the only time when there was a bit of movement within the small group of birds. They were floating around, sleeping and with their beaks resting on the shoulders most of the time and their only action was shortly opening their eyes from time to time and if necessary smoothly drifting back to the group with one or two strikes with the feet. After going through the regular sequence of post-processing steps, the bird turned blue and I had to reduce the blue color. Still some blue there, though.

My second viewing of a beaver. Like the last time two years ago at Rapids Park Lachine, it took me by surprise and it was too dark. At least, the species can be recognized on this photo.

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