It looks like November is the month of the year, I almost never take photos. May it be because of the gray cold weather we usually face during this time of the year? Scrolling through the camera roll on my flickr account, I had to go back till 2005 [11 years!!!] to find a photo taken in the month November and no surprise, the photo hasn’t been taken in the North but on Isla Mujeres an island close to Cancun, Mexico.

Sunset, Isla Mujeres, Mexico

I like this shot very much which may explain why the file survived all these years in spite of a various laptop crashes and hard disk failures. Taken with a small pocket digital camera, I consider it perfect therefore nothing to comment about what I could have done better. It is one of my favorite landscape photo and I hope to take many more of similar quality.

During the time I lived and worked in Cancun, Mexico, North Beach, Isla Mujeres was my favorite spot to spend a relaxing Sunday. Usually on these Sunday trips, I ended up in the only beach restaurant there, enjoying some fresh sea food plate. The shot has been taken from the beach terrace after dinner, shortly before returning home.