Accelerating – 100+ Species

The main purpose of collecting photos of different wild animals and publishing them in a web site, is to obtain a sort of guide which should allow a person interested in visiting a park in or around Montreal to prepare on what to expect and maybe even providing him/her a resource to id species he/she may spot during the stay in a park.

In order to get the resource somehow useful, it is mandatory to have photos and information from as many species possible. A difficult to achieve endeavour considering the limited time available. Limited not only because of other, very important, time consuming activities such as earning money, but also because of the short spring/summer/autumn up here in Montreal and the uncertainty of good weather conditions.

Anyway, I just published the species #100 and having still photos of more new species on my media drive to be processed and published. I decided that species #100 will be the “Common Moorhen” for several reasons.

Common Moorhen

First, excited to have been able to spot for a first time a species, I arrive at home looking it up and realizing that it is just a “Common” one: Common Garter Snake, Common Merganser, Common Goldeneye, and so on. For a non-professional nature enthusiast having been able to spot them is nothing common, I swear!

Secondly, I was able to spot the Moorhen by having changed my approach to spot animals. Previously, I was hasting through the parks from spot to spot with the idea that covering more terrain will increase the chance to see different species. More by accident, during a lunch break, I realized that running around may be contra-productive. Because, during such a short break, I was able to see as many different species as during a few hours running around:

As result, now, I am looking for a good spot, shady with the sun in the back [if there is sunshine] and wait. The animals will show up soon and there are plenty of them.

I upgraded the gear. Now, I have a Nikon D500 with the possibility to shoot up to 200 photos with high fps. This is specially useful when animals are in action.

Nikon D500 connects to my iPhone and allows adding geolocation to the shots. A real time saver as I don’t have to tag them later manually. Also, I can publish some impressions to social media when I am outdoors:

I worked some more hours on my web site where I publish all these photos. I added a tool which allows you to browse the species and even may serve you as a resource to id your observations:

It is built so that it can be used in the field on your mobile without having to worry too much about data consumption which is an issue up here in Canada where there are no unlimited data plans.

Finally, I learned a lesson during my photo sessions in spring 2017. As closer an animal as better. Carrying around the Tamron 150-600mm may give the impression that it allows getting pictures of shy animals at far distance. It does, when the animal is huge [White-tailed deer]. For small animals, they have to be close, 5 meters is optimal but not more than 15 meters:


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