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Biking around Island Montreal – 200+ km

Cycling is my preferred way to travel because different to walking or hiking you actually get somewhere. And on the bike, I feel a strong freedom in my choice where to go. At least for the first few miles.

Anyway, to start my 2017 bike tours on Island Montreal, I began slowly and tested my bike, bags and equipment by visiting Ile de la Visitation. I then increased the pace and biked to Technopark, Park Pointe-aux-Prairies and finally to Park Ile Bizard.

I geared up my bike by adding feet bracelets to the pedals for the last tour. I had them years ago and I remembered that they ease biking a lot but now I am not sure if that was just wishful thinking. On my last trip, I was faster in average but it could be due to having improved my condition over these days. The bracelets are definitively a hassle with all the stop lights in Montreal, though.

The purpose of these trips was not only to cycle around although this is enjoyable itself. With the bike, I am able to get to parks which are difficult to reach by public transportation and the reason to visit these parks is mainly, and you may know it already  by now, to take photos of Island Montreal’s wildlife.

I add here some shots including two species which I observed for the first time and a Great Egret flying by from my last trip.

I have added all photos except the flowers to my galleries:
The over 20 new flowers are still in process to be identified and will be added over the next few days.



  1. That’s a lot of miles , congratulations. Do you pack your 200-500mm on these trips ?
    Great shots of the Grenn Heron and the Kildeer, BTW.

    Let me know when you decide to visit “Chouette à Voir”. I’ll wait for you there….just kidding of course.


    1. Hello Christian,

      Thank you for having taken the time to comment!

      Yes. my large lens, the Tamron 160-600mm, as well as the Tamron 90mm Macro lens and the regular 28mm-140mm for landscape are in those two red bags … Not much more space left than for a light jacket in case of rain, a few energy bars, a sandwich, suncream and the indispensable bug repellent ;)

      Yes, I plan to visit “Chouette à Voir”. I will arrive with my daughter.



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