Circling Around – Videography

The original idea, my plan I may say, was to create videos, maybe even longer documentaries, of wildlife in Canada. As usually, I worked on this project not only to get it somehow done but to approach it methodically and fill out all the gaps. Having starting with the small Lumix pocket camera shooting photos of ants on flowers, I prepared a list of what I need to learn on the way to get there.

At the starting point, the only thing I knew was how to build a web page which is my profession. Thus, first thing, I created this blog as sort of journal to document the progress, mostly for myself. To start, I had no equipment at all for this endeavour.

I realized very soon that in spite of having studied biology and animal behaviour, I have no idea where to find the animals for my video clips and how these animals are called. But, over the time and with help of the community, I learned more about locations and species.

Then, I was completely unsatisfied with the possibilities to get original sound for my video clips. Now this one was and still is a huge challenge. There is available free sound to be used in personal projects but they are limited and generic. I played trombone, years ago, and as always,
completely overestimating my capabilities, I was convinced that I have to create my own music.  I purchased a Yamaha Piaggero and started to learn playing piano. Rough.

But here I am, a few weeks into playing piano:

To be continued …

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