Nature Photography

Chasing Night Herons

A beautiful Saturday and highly motivated to explore a new place, I decided to go to Moulin Légaré, Saint-Eustache, with the sole purpose to look for Night Herons. It is unusual for me to visit a place where only one species has been reported and especially because the place doesn’t look like having much more to offer and traveling there takes me over an hour.

But Night Herons, interesting and beautiful birds, are missing on my list of documented species in Quebec and I have been looking for them in the past on several occasions without success.

And, oh boy [sorry the expression], there have been night herons, many. Flying, fishing, walking or just simply standing there. At a time, I counted up to six different individuals.

But not only Night Herons. I also spotted Great Blue Heron, Wood Ducks, Black Ducks, Muskrats, Ring-billed Gulls and one Solitary Sandpiper.

A good place to record these birds. Unfortunately, all my recordings have been over exposed beyond recovering. Next time maybe.

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