Nature Photography

A Lucky Encounter: Belted Kingfisher

Only a few hours available, I picked up my backpack and headed out to Park Angrignon with the plan to train a bit more on video settings, video recording and audio recording. In the hope spotting at least a few ducks, I walked around and unfortunately, I haven’t seen one bird. Later, the only waterfowl so far, a juvenile Hooded Merganser, which I actually missed by staring at my iPhone.

Anyway, a few hundred meters later, I settled down and I prepared myself for a longer waiting period when I spotted a solitary Kingfisher not far away sitting on a tree branch. I never saw a Kingfisher at Park Angrignon and at other places like Rapids Park Lachine, I spotted them way too far away for a good shot.

Additionally, the bird was not alone. There was at least another one and the one I saw was not only occupied by trying to catch fishes but also to defend its fishing ground against others. The only circumstances I could complain about is the lack of success in fishing. None of its dive resulted in catching a fish.

Photos taken with Nikon D500, Tamron 150-600mm. Edited using Apple Photos, Nik Collection.

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