About Piano Playing & Sound Cloud

Recently, I started to upload my music to soundcloud. Three topics which I would like to discuss shortly: How do I create and record sound, why I publish my beginner creations and what are my long term intentions.

How do I create sound?

A while ago, I have purchased Yamaha Piaggero NP-V80. The keyboard is connected through USB to my macBook Pro [the one with the fancy touchbar]. My playing is recorded directly in Garageband where I mix with other tracks like percussion or bass. I never played piano before and in retrospect, the Yamaha Piaggero purchase wasn’t a good decision. Lower registers sound awful and keys feel wrong. I need 4k $ for a better stage keyboard ;)

Why publishing?

My play is far from professional, actually very bad. Thus, why publishing? Why not recording it and keeping it as files on my hard drive, to myself? Most of what we humans do is far from perfect. Nowadays, we compete globally with whatever we do. I imagine that this is especially difficult and discouraging for our children. Being exposed daily to others being so much better in what we do? Nevertheless, achieving perfection in any field is very hard work and requires many years of dedication and I want to demonstrate this by publishing my work along the way.

What are my intentions?

First of all, I want to add music to my video recording of Canada’s wildlife and I prefer not to pay royalties. So why not produce my own music? I played music in the past, trombone and later saxophone so I have some experience. Piano is a completely different thing, though, and I am struggling seeing some progress in my playing. Recording and storing my creations provide me the opportunity to sit back, to listen to my older recordings and compare. Can someone start to learn piano later in life and get it to a pleasant level? Can I do it? I want to know the answer to these questions. Finally, the creativity of improvising was always an important balance to my analytical/scientific mind set and having it abandoned for many years was not healthy.


Maybe there are some persons out there who enjoy my recordings or, maybe there are persons out there who feel motivated to start playing themselves: “If he can do it, I can do it too”.

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