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Chouette à Voir – Nice to See

It was my second visit of Chouette à voir, this time thanks to better light conditions, I tried to get some close up shots of the different bird of prey species.

Chouette à voir is a place maintained by UQROP [Union québécoise de réhabilitation des oiseaux de proie]. At this location, there are installations where birds can recover after having been treated by a veterinaire before they are released again. When you visit this place you may be witness of such a release and if you win the auction you may be even be the person to release the bird.

In Quebec, Canada, by law, if you see a injured or dead bird of prey, you have to report it to the authorities.  Injured animals then are treated and kept in a rehabilitation center like UQROP until they can be released again. Although, some birds cannot be released anymore as they may not be able to survive in the wilderness due to the type of injury or because they got too used to humans. These individuals then serve as ambassadors for the organizations like UQROP and you can see them from close or even hold one for a short photo session.

If you plan to visit the place consult the web site of UQROP before you visit as Chouette à voir is not open every day.

Disclaimer: I haven’t received any compensation to write and publish about Chouette à voir or UQROP.


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