Nature Photography

Special – Gulls

I already planned a special about gulls a while ago, when I was exploring Newfoundland but always postponed to write about the subject. Gulls are not that popular birds. They are raptors and scavengers, noisy but also elegant, versatile flyers and beautiful to watch when circling along the beach or rivers.

Around Montreal, I was able to identify three different species. Herring gulls have been more of a lucky catch as they look very similar to the a bit smaller Ring-billed Gull with the difference that they have a red spot instead of the black ring on the bill. Herring gulls are often seen within other gulls. Thus when you see a larger bird within a flock of Ring-billed gulls, it may be a herring gull.

More photos of gulls?

Featured Image:

My first photo of a gull taken in Park Lafontaine, Montreal

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