Nature Photography

Getting Better in Bird Watching

I remember previous visits of my home country Switzerland when I was wondering where all the birds have gone. In particular, I remember a walk along a river near my brother’s home where I haven’t seen birds except two crows or ravens far away.

Different this time. During a walk along the same river, I spotted four different species:

Not enough. During my hikes up in the mounts of Canton of Glarus, I also spotted four different species of birds of prey. The quality of these shots are not the best, nevertheless, clear enough to get an ID:

I don’t blame a temporal lack of birds in Switzerland during my previous visit for me not spotting birds before but rather that my continuous training in spotting birds over the last years improved my skills now.

Except the Common Blackbird and the Peregrine Falcon, all birds shown here are first time. I may have seen them before but I don’t recall having them identified before.

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