Nature Photography

Snow Geese at Victoriaville, Quebec

It was not the first time that I travelled to a particular place with the goal in mind to encounter a species, I never have seen before. Victoriaville is known as gathering point for snow geese migrating south and an all day trip away from Montreal. In spite of not having received reports of snow geese actually having arrived at Victoriaville, I took the risk.

In the morning, there were only a few hundreds, maybe one or two thousand snow geese but more birds arrived in small flocks all day long, almost every 5 minutes, and later that day, the lake was covered by 100’000, 200’000, or more birds (?) I have no idea and I am not an expert in counting birds in large flocks.

Watching so many birds at one place is impressive and noisy. Occasionally, large number of birds started to fly. They went up into the air and flew a few hundred meters and settled again at another part of the lake. It looked like a white wave rolling over the lake and I was wondering how they manage not bumping into each other in the crowded air.

The weather was perfect for photography. I walked about 25km that day and I took 2500 photos and several minutes of video footage. Snow Goose is bird species #98 of my guide and subject of a few minutes long video on YouTube:

I went to Victoriaville by bus leaving Montreal at 6am returning to Montreal shortly before midnight. Leaving Montreal there were 3 persons on the bus. I was a bit disappointed because I was expecting a bus full of nature photographers. They must have preferred going by car then at the lake there were many.

Curious why they are not able to have the bus terminal near the center of a town in Victoriaville. I had to walk almost an hour to get from the bus terminal to the lake, one way!

Three Geese in Sync” has been selected by flickr for “Explore”. It is my 6th “Explore” selection this year:



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