Chasing Whales

For the last day in St. John’s, I decided to take a drive South to Cape Spear, specifically to see if I can spot some whales. Whales indeed appeared and they provided a spectacular show.

Besides whales, I spotted a lot of birds. In particular, many seagulls, Northern Gannets, and Atlantic Puffins.

Interestingly, the Atlantic Puffins have been flying in swarm with another bird species which I am not yet able to identify. I will share some photos of these swarms once I was able to id the other bird species.

Today was my last full day on Newfoundland and I am eager to return soon!

Entrances. St. John’s, NL

On my first day, I noticed the individual character of many entrances while walking through the streets downtown of St. John’s, NL. Here a small collection.

I considered shortly to work with B&W versions of these shots. It may have increased the expressiveness of the photos but, I am in St. John’s, and St. John’s is colourful!

These doors are entrances to homes but they are also used as exits. Soon, I will have to leave this town.


Newfoundland Wildlife

It’s about time for a short review on what I have seen so far on my trip to Newfoundland. I still have three days more and I may be able to add some more new observations or I may be able to take better photos of what I have already seen.

In total, 3 mammals and 17 different birds:


  • American Black Duck
  • American Crow
  • American Goldfinch
  • Bald Eagle [New]
  • Black Guillemot [New]
  • Common Tern
  • Dark-eyed Junco
  • European Starling
  • Great Black-backed Gull
  • Greater Yellowleg
  • Grey-cheeked Thrush [New]
  • Herring Gull [New]
  • Northern Gannet [New]
  • Northern Pintail [New]
  • Osprey
  • Pine Grosbeak [New]
  • Semipalmated Sandpiper


  • American Red Squirrel
  • Atlantic White-sided Dolphin [New]
  • Northern Minke Whale [New]

[New]: First time I was able to take a photo. At the end all new species will be added to my collection of animals:

Chasing Bald Eagles

I returned to the same place where I saw the other day a juvenile Bald Eagle with the objective to see if I can spot the adults. And I did. I saw two adults and again a juvenile, maybe the same from the other day.

Unfortunately, the adults have been too far away. I was not able to get pleasant shots of them but the juvenile cooperated nicely and flew by just a few meters away.

It turns out that around St. John’s Bald Eagles and Ospreys are more frequent than American Robins [I saw one] and Red-winged Blackbirds. How about that :)


Pippy Park Success

Stubborn! It worked with the second intend. Walking along Kent’s Pond and then down to Long Pond, I passed Pippy Park and found the Fluvarium I was looking for the other day.

All the people walking or running along the lakes and river definitively doesn’t help spotting birds and other animals. Nevertheless, I saw Dark-eyed Juncos, American Goldfinches, American Crows, American Black Ducks, Northern Pintail, Common Terns, an Osprey circling over the lake at high altitudes, a sparrow like bird which I am not able to identify and flocks of European Starlings. Even a squirrel crossed my path. The first squirrel I saw here in St. John’s.

Here the unidentified sparrow like bird. Can you assist me with the ID?





Father Troy’s Trail

A two hour hike along the eastern shores of Newfoundland from Flatrock Cove to Torbay. There was a strong wind from land side which may, a bit stronger, could have pushed us off the cliff. Said this, the difficult part was the first part, even for a Swiss, the rest was easy hiking.

I spent two hours taking photos of birds before we actually started the trail. This explains why the sky still was cloudy on the first shot and later all clouds are gone.

I spotted dolphins! Besides that, a lot of gulls but also Northern Gannet, Black Guillemot and Semipalmated Sandpiper. I will share these shots on my FB page dedicated to Nature Photography:

For the complete collection of all species I have seen and I was able to take a photo:

All landscape photos of the gallery above have been taken with iPhone 7 and published without any editing.

Pippy Park Failure

With Google Maps, the way how I travel has changed fundamentally. But today Google Maps failed me as there are two Pippy Parks and I accidentally went for the second one which is a golf course.

I am no friend of golf courses. I consider the relation between the size of the ball and the field it is played on as almost perversely out of proportions and I think it is unfair to reserve such a huge space for so few people.


Anyway, it was not obvious on Google Maps that the second Pippy Park is a golf course with restricted access and I had to look for an alternative. I found a natural area adjacent to Airport Heights Park.

It Is No Secret …

.. that Newfoundland owns unique and beautiful landscapes attracting many tourists year over year. The place is also known for great opportunities to see and observe wildlife like birds, whales, moose and more.

Green Boat

I shouldn’t be that surprised about what I saw on my first two days hiking in and around St. John’s. Nevertheless, it’s overwhelming! Almost happy that tomorrow rain is expected and therefore I may have the possibility to relax and regain some energy for the following days.

Whale watching from the beach.

No need to search long for birds.