Happy Friday

Sorry that I am not smiling, it was very, very cold that day. Looking forward for some outdoors photo shooting over this weekend. Maybe the lack of smiling was also in anticipation of the this weekend weather forecast. Sunshine during the week and rain and cold over weekend. It will be fun.


Happy Friday.

Full Moon – November 2016

I was planning to take a shot of the full moon event in November but it was a bit cloudy. I then noticed a angle where I could focus on the cross on top of Catholic Church St. Denis near Metro station Laurier having the shiny moon in the back. I “worked” the scene until I got both, the cross and the moon, in my shot. A bit more dramatic to the scene has been added playing around with the filters Silver Efex Pro 2 resulting in this photo.

Full Moon - Last Stand

The setup reminded me a paint I have seen in Montreal Museum of Fine Art. It’s a oil painting of a full moon with some sheep and a shepherd in the dark. I was impressed about the artist’s ability to paint a such a strongly shining moon.  The painting was presented in a darker corner of the museum, turning the scenery very dark almost black where it seemed that the moon lightened not only the scenery but actually the room where the painting has been displayed in.

I am not 100% sure but I think the painting was “Moonrise at Auvers” by Charles François Daubigny.


Discovered While Cleaning Up – Great Egret (Ardea alba)

Great Egret (Ardea alba)

Browsing through the photos of previous sessions and cleaning up my storage, I discovered this shot of a Great Egret (Ardea alba). Although the bird is walking away from me, I think the photo shows very well the elegance, grace of this bird. Thank you bird, for turning the head!

In this photo session, I experimented with shooting against the light, intending to create some sort of Origami where the bird is as dark as the vegetation. It didn’t worked out, though. Against my usual approach, I heavily edited the photo by lightening up the bird and darkening the water of the lake.

I like very much the result and I wanted to share it.

PS: Unfortunately, the photo doesn’t work at all as featured image with my WP template I am using. I fixed it with a cropped version.