Taking Off – Exploring Nik Collection

Browsing around, I stumbled over the Nik Collection and as it is free and from Google, I downloaded  and installed the software immediately. Now, I am the third day playing around with the different filters and I am discovering a complete new world of digital photography.

Taking Off - Black-capped Chickadee (Poecile atricapillus)

Please forgive the experimental approach to the post production of this photo.

Back to Process Photos with Lightroom

After having insisted for nearly a year to work on my “cheap” laptop with Ubuntu and various different free image processing applications like GIMP and Raw Therapee, I am back using Adobe’s Lightroom. First, I would like to explain you why I considered Ubuntu a valid approach and then why I gave up and returned to Windows, Lightroom setup. Maybe, my experience with this topic could be of interest for someone else in a similar situation.

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Honey Bee (Apis)

Getting Closer

Honey Bee (Apis)

I have originally started with photos of flowers for the Flower Power Project a few years ago. Finally, I am getting more pleased with output, slowly but steady. Lately, I figured out that I should also include some noise reduction during image processing :).

I have stopped using 4000x2667pixel size and will go with 8×10″ or 4000x3200pixels, even if this higher format will not fit on most laptops and tablets. For publishing in my web sites like ploring.com or discoverymexico.com, I use Python to crop and resize the photos anyway so that I get optimal dimensions and file sizes for each device category.

At the moment this is my work flow to get to the final photo. Comments are welcome! :)

RAW format
Move files into folder with date and name
Backup to external drive (automatic sync)

Processing – with Lightroom
Review photos and discard low quality
Continue with best variants only
Crop and resize to 10×8
Add tags and geo location (readable with Python?)
Export as TIFF 16pixels/component

Processing – with Photoshop
Resize to 4000×3200 pixels
Adjust basic exposure, tones
Fix unpleasant details
Save as JPEG to Media folder

Finally – Noiseware or Photoshop
Noise Reduction

I am not yet sure, if I should buy Noiseware or stay with Photoshop noise reduction. I will test for a few days.

Las Divas de Montreal

I promised a friend to check out how to publish videos in wordpress blog and here it is. I am sorry about the quality. It has been taken under low sugar level with my mobile phone on a windy day (shaking ;) ).

I take advantage to promote “Las Divas de Montreal”. If you live in Montreal (who doesn’t? THE place to live nowadays) and if you love Mexico (who doesn’t?) you should check out their calendar and don’t miss the next event!

To catch up follow their Facebook page.

And here “Las Divas” of last weekend’s concert in Parc Jean Drapeau:


Forest L'île des Sœurs

L’île des Sœurs (Nun’s Island)

L’île des Sœurs (Nun’s Island), Montreal, July 2013:

A long walk around the island along the river. My last visit was not blessed with sun shine and good light. Also, I was still running around with my Lumix pocket camera. But, my trip here was the end of my flower power project and the start to take photos of animals. Hope to be able to revisit and post some more photos, now with my new camera.

Red Motorbike

New Camera! Any Advise? Part II

After reading about over 100 reviews (slightly exaggerating), I am getting convinced that the Canon, start small add overtime approach may not work out. The main reason is that I see that the value (price-performance) of Canon lenses is not really mind-blowing. I built an excel sheet with pricing for different brands and great lenses based on my needs today and during the next couple of years. (prices in CAD)

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