Muuuh Wildlife Photography

Fauna & Flora

Find info, photos and videos of species, flowers and animals native in and in some cases introduced to the Montreal area, Quebec and Atlantic Canada. For each species, we added information about how to identify it and where and when you can spot it. We also started to record videos in the field. Available videos are published on YouTube and linked in the species description.

Looking for info about our photography equipment? Check the page about gear, lenses and accessories used currently. Note though, that the equipment changed over the years. All published photos have detailed information about used camera and lens as well as the settings focal length, exposure time, aperture and iso.

Wondering about Muuuh's approach to wildlife photography? We never feed animals. We try to get as close to the animals as possible WITHOUT disturbing or either stressing them. Check Muuuh's Photography Rules for more details.

Curious about where all these species have been seen? We visit frequently many parks around Montreal, Quebec and Atlantic Canada. During a visit of a park, each positive ID is logged and then imported into Muuuh's database.