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Brant - Branta bernicla

A small goose found along the coast of Canada in winter migrating North in Summer. The goose has a characteristic white ring around the neck. Feeds mostly on eelgrass.

Common Names

  • Brant (en)
  • Barnacla carinegra (es)
  • Bernache cravant (fr)
  • Ringelgans (de)


  • Anseriformes
  • Anatidae
  • Branta bernicla

Where & When to Spot

I saw flocks of Brants along the coast at Tadoussac in mid spring. I assume that later of the year they migrate North as in Summer, I haven't seen Brants in Tadoussac anymore.

How to Identify

I know of three different geese in eastern Canada. Brant is most similar to the Canada Goose. I identify Brant by the characteristic white ring around the black neck. The head of the Brant is completely black while the head of the Canada Goose is black with white cheeks.


Brant (Branta bernicla)

Brant (Branta bernicla)

Tadoussac - 2018-05-25

NIKON D500; 300mm f/4.0; Focal Length 420mm; Exposure 1/1250; Aperture f8.0; Iso 280;

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