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Mourning Cloak - Nymphalis antiopa

Large, common butterfly with a long lifespan and one of the first butterflies which can be spotted in spring.

Common Names

  • Mourning Cloak (en)
  • Nymphalis antiopa (es)
  • Morio (fr)
  • Trauermantel (de)


  • Lepidoptera
  • Nymphalidae
  • Nymphalis antiopa

Where & When to Spot

I spotted this butterfly in almost all parks around Montreal usually when they are spreading their wings on the warmer ground of a path in spring.

Observation Logs

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Park Angrignon, Montreal 1 0 0 0
Park Mont-Royal 2 0 0 0
Park Pointe aux Prairies 2 0 0 0

Times a species has been spotted, identified and logged while visiting this park. A species is reported only once / park visit. Only parks listed which we visit frequently all year long. Consult the page animal tracking about how we log observations in field.

How to Identify

Easy identifiable with the brown-reddish wings a row of bluish spots on a dark band and a white band at the most posterior part of the wings.


Mourning Cloak (Nymphalis antiopa)

Mourning Cloak (Nymphalis antiopa)

One of the first butterflies seen in the spring. A larger species enjoying the sun and the moderate temperature of the road warmed up by the sun.

Park Mont-Royal - 2014-05-11

Canon PowerShot SX50 HS; 4.3-215mm; Focal Length 179mm; Exposure 1/250; Aperture f6.5; Iso 80;

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