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Crossroad - Investment vs Satisfaction

From time to time, one faces a crossroad and a decision on how to continue, which pathway to choose. In my particular case, I am considering dropping photography.

To continue photography, I have to do a considerable investment buying the 70-200mm lens with TC and a more powerful computer for video editing. A cost of about $7’500 CAD. Additionally, I have explored most of the nearby locations and to find new, interesting subjects, I would have to travel to more remote places more frequently which will increase the expenses.

How am I compensated for the investment and dedicated time? After a careful exploration and analysis, there won’t be monetary recompensation. The act of taking photos and dealing with the camera technology doesn’t fulfill me with satisfaction either.

On the other side, I enjoy exploring nature a lot, creating my own content and then sharing beautiful photos and video clips through the Internet. The question is if the satisfaction I am getting out of this activity balances the investment I have to do.

Montreal, August 30, 2020