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Park Bernard-Landry, Laval

A lovely park with a small pond and a creek located near the river Prairies which separates the Island of Montreal from the Island of Laval. Can be easily accessed by metro.

How to Get Here

Take the metro line orange till station Cartier. Walk 15 minutes South. Starting in May, the park is easily accessible by bike from Montreal and Laval.

What to See Here

Primary destination in May to observe and record American bullfrog, Green Frog, and Wood ducks. Occasionally, you may spot birds of prey and foxes. It’s a large park with different good spots for birdwatching.

Videos Recorded in Park Bernard-Landry, Laval

Videos are hosted on Muuuh's YouTube Channel.

Photos Taken in Park Bernard-Landry, Laval

Spring day at Park des Prairies

Spring day at Park des Prairies

Park Bernard-Landry - 2019-05-11

NIKON D500; AF-S Nikkor 50mm f/1.4G; Focal Length 50mm; Exposure 1/100; Aperture f13.0; Iso 200;

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