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Chipping Sparrow - Spizella passerina

A fairly widespread small bird mostly foraging on the ground for seed with a preference for coniferous forests or farmland, parks and gardens. It is a migratory bird, spending winter in the south of the US or Mexico.

Observations by Season

Number of times the species has been spotted, identified and logged while visiting nature parks nearby.

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A species is registered only once / park visit. Consult the page animal tracking to learn more about how we determine identifications and log observations in the field.

Photos of Chipping Sparrow

Chipping Sparrow (Spizella passerina)

Tadoussac - 2018-05-20

NIKON D500; 300mm f/4.0; Focal Length 420mm; Exposure 1/500; Aperture f6.3; Iso 320;

Chipping Sparrow

Parc Île Saint Bernard - 2018-05-12

NIKON D500; 300mm f/4.0; Focal Length 420mm; Exposure 1/640; Aperture f5.6; Iso 140;

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