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Muuuh respects your privacy and undertakes strong efforts to keep the number of cookies as low as possible. Muuuh itself doesn't store website visitor data.

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With vising any page of this website, a cookie with a unique identifier and the attributes SameSite=Strict and Secure is set. It is used to allow proper functioning of web forms.

We temporarily use Google Analytics (GA) to learn more about user website navigation. Our GA implementation (GA4) respects browser's DNT (Do Not Track) setting and data is anonymized.

Photos ImgIX

Photos are published using Imgix's image processing and CDN service. Image request data is stored to monitor number of requests and consumed bandwith.

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The site publishes embedded YouTube videos. If you visit a page with such an embedded video, a YouTube pixel will be stored in your browser. Muuuh has no control over this pixel. For more about this pixel, consult YouTube's privacy terms.

4th of May, 2022, Montreal Canada