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Ballgames Score of Paltriness

I am not really a fan of golf. Golf courses are huge areas, privately owned and therefore not accessible to the public. When reflecting about the proportion of the ball size to the area where it played with, I came up with an index to score how pathetic golf is compared to other ball games.

Ballgame Area (m2) Ball (cm3) Players SoP
Soccer 7'140 5'546 22 0.06
Tennis Single 196 132 2 0.74
Ice Hockey 1'800 113 12 1.32
Baseball 14'864 203 18 4.07
Golf 300'000 41 1 7'322.43

To calculate SoP, I devide the playground area in m2 by number of players and volume of the ball (or puck ;)). I pulled the values from web searches.

I spent some time to reflect if I should give golf a slack. I considered the fact that a golf course may be used by more players the same time. I resisted.

Montreal, 4/3/2021