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I Cleaned My Shelf

Shelf with Nikon D500

Finally, I got rid of all the gear I stopped using a while ago, like my large zoom lens 150-600mm or the small zoom lens 70-300mm. I sold them both on Kijiji. The Nikon D7100 I gave away as gift. The gear left consists of my Nikon D500 with the 300mm prime lens and the the 90mm macro lens.

A lot of space for new equipment! Currently, I am in a minimalistic phase and very upset about all the stuff I have around me. With pleasure, I remember the occasions where I migrated from one country to another, 1996 to Mexico and 2012 to Canada, having only 1 suitcase, significantly larger on my second migration though.

You have no idea how many different cables I had. It looks to me they are reproducing themselves wherever they get stored. I found cables of many different lengths but particularly interesting, of many, many different endings most of them, I have no idea what they are for. For some reason, looks like I have a weakness in getting rid of cables.

To feel better, I clean up by selling, giving away or mostly just throwing stuff away [recycling!!! obviously] which reminds me that I have to put the trash out today, a moment ...

... anyway, at some point the minimalistic phase will be over and before that happens, I have to take advantage and get rid of as much as possible. Soon, I will be back in collecting stuff.

Disclaimer: I am sorry about the blunt display of Nikon brand. I haven't been paid to show or recommend Nikon. Actually, I don't endorse any particular brand.

Montreal, 10/12/2018