Muuuh Wildlife Photography

In the Shadow of Coronavirus - Park Mont Royal

Parks being closed, myself in voluntary self-isolation, the prospect of this year’s fauna and flora photography is obscure and depressive. Looking at the available options, I am redefining the schedule of visits of parks which currently is limited by places which I can reach by foot.

First day of spring, I walked to Park Mont Royal crossing through the cemetery looking for a path to reach Belvedere Outrement which turned out not to be such a good idea. There is no crossing from one side of the cemetery to the other side other than going up till the upper entrance. I ended up staying on the one side.

I did hear and see different animals but nothing unusual for the time of the year. Definitively no arrival of migrating birds yet. Not unusual for the area as in spite of the official start of spring, The temperatures here are still freezing and the ground is covered by snow and ice. In other parks you may be able to spot first arrivals such as male Red-Shouldered Blackbirds or Canada Geese but not in Park Mont-Royal.

Here is the complete list of what I saw: American Robin, American Crow, Bohemian Waxwing, Northern Cardinal, Chickadee, Eastern Gray Squirrel and Groundhog.

It will not be my last visit to Park Mont-Royal during Coronavirus as it is the only park I can reach by foot. I hope that with warmer weather, I will be able to get out my bike early this year and reach other, more remote places.

Montreal, March 23, 2020